Roly Polies Aren't Bugs — My Childhood is Now Ruined

February 19, 2018

When you were growing up, were you fascinated by pill bugs, or what most people call them, roly polies? If you don't remember these iconic, round bugs, what were you doing with your childhood?



Roly polies got their name from the ability to roll up into a ball, usually when it feels threatened. When my little brother was around them, the bugs were always in a ball — go figure. I rarely got to see them on their legs when he was around. Silly brothers!


My childhood is basically all a lie now with this “new” scientific data. Unbeknown to me, these bugs are actually no bugs at all! Mind blown. They are actually "land-based crustaceans."



What this means, is that these crustaceans are more similar to a crab cake than insects roaming your garden.


According to "American Orchid Society," these pill bugs are "closely related to lobsters, crabs, and shrimp." Though, I highly doubt these will be on the menu at your favorite seafood shack anytime soon.



Check out this cute, yet hilarious, video about the facts about roly polies:


Do you remember playing around with these? Let us know in the comment section! In other news, there is only one letter that is not used in any U.S. state. There are 26 letters, but only 25 are used. Can you figure it out? Check out the article here.

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