Tests Results Confirm The Worst For Beloved Celebrity, 34, After Excruciating Pain Sends Her To ER; Fans Hoping For The Best

June 26, 2019

She’s the YouTube darling who has charmed the world with her unique take on baking and her one-of-a-kind creations for all the 'Nerds' of the 21st century.

Rosanna Pansino remains in the hospital after severe pain and relentless fever sent her to the ER over the weekend. And tests results confirm the worst.

”The star, who is best known for her weekly ‘Nerdy Nummies’ videos that teach viewers how to make various nerd-themed treats, previously said on Twitter that she’d been suffering a 101.4-degree fever over the weekend, and would seek treatment if she didn’t feel better.”

“Have had a fever of 101.4 all weekend. Going to urgent care tomorrow since it hasn't gotten any better“

By Sunday evening, her symptoms had not improved, so she made good on the vow she made to her 920,000 Twitter followers and checked herself into the hospital for tests.

The tests, which included a spinal tap, revealed a hidden but deadly internal infection that would likely never have gone away if she hadn’t sought prompt medical care.

"Went to Urgent Care with a crazy fever and intense pain. They said I needed to go to the ER immediately. Did a bunch of tests (including this CT scan 😎) and found I had a major internal infection. We began treatment right away."

She posted a follow-up photo of herself in her hospital bed (looking MUCH better, btw) giving the ‘thumbs-up’ to her fans.

"They also performed a Spinal Tap (draining spinal fluid) as I had all the symptoms of life-threatening issues. Thanks to the amazing @CedarsSinai staff for taking care of me.

"I'm on bedrest all week to recover and allow the internal swelling to go down."😷


Upon hearing the grave news, Rosanna’s loyal fans reached out to the ailing celebrity with words of encouragement and prayers for a good outcome:

“Your health is first! Take care! The video can wait.”

“Get well soon”♥

“Focus on YOU, and focus on your recovery. Do not push yourself, we will wait for you”💕

“I’m glad you’re okay, Ro!!”

In response, the ‘Nerdy Nummies” author posted a video message to all her fans:

“Praying for you”


In response to the outpouring of good wishes, the ‘Nerdy Nummies Cookbook' author posted a video message to all her fans:

"Spent today in the hospital getting a bunch of tests and scans done (including testing my spinal fluid!).

"Thanks for all the well wishes and @CedarsSinai. They found what is wrong and I’ve [begun] treatment already. Find out soon if I spend the night here or at home with the pups.”

Although Pansino did not name the particular bacteria she was infected with, she made it pretty clear that it was nothing to mess around with.

“The 'Baking All Year Round' author revealed that her illness was sparked by a ‘rare aggressive bacteria’ that could have been lurking on anything she’d touched.”

She admits to being at a loss to where she might have picked up the infection.

“Hard to pinpoint exactly where since I was on so many sets this week,” she explained. “Doctor said it can happen to anyone but it’s not common.”

Yikes! Sound as though the social media star caught it in the nick of time!

Thanks to her quick action and the expertise of the medical staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Pansino is on her way to a full recovery.

In fact, she isn’t letting her health setback interfere with her commitment to her 11.2 YouTube subscribers and her 4.3 million Instagram followers. She promised that her regular weekly video would be posted, as scheduled, this Wednesday.

So glad her scary story has a happy ending!

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