Royal Family NOT Disgusted With President Trump And Did NOT 'Refuse' To Meet With Him And Melania

July 16, 2018

Last week, President Donald Trump traveled to the United Kingdom to meet with Her Majesty the Queen, the Prime Minister, and several other NATO leaders.

What's causing the Internet to go crazy is who President Trump didn't meet with. This area of concern is causing quite a lot of attention.

While Trump was in town, he met with Queen Elizabeth II, but both Prince William and Prince Charles "refused" to greet Trump and Melania, according to reports.

According to "The Sunday Times of London," William and Charles both declined to meet with the President. Their absence left the Queen alone to greet the Trumps at Windsor Castle, and is apparently quite uncommon.

"They simply refused to attend. It’s a very, very unusual thing for the Queen to be there on her own. Usually, she is accompanied by somebody,” an unknown source tells the publication.

However, other reports have come in saying that's false, despite the claim. According to a palace spokesperson, who tells "PEOPLE," William and Charles were actually never supposed to be apart of the meeting.

“In line with standard practice for guest of government visits the President was received by The Queen as Head of State. The arrangements were mutually agreed between the Palace and the U.K. and U.S. governments,” the spokesperson said. “There was never a suggestion that other members of the royal family would take part.”

According to a former spokesman and author of "On Duty with the Queen," Dickie Arbiter, “It was always going to be a short visit and as soon as you have too many people it gets longer. It was a courtesy call – that’s all it was.”

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