Supreme Court Justice Diagnosed With Cancer, Undergoes Surgery

December 21, 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who suffered broken ribs in a fall last month has undergone surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lungs. The tumors were discovered during treatment for her fall.

While doctors confirm that the growths are malignant, they also say there is no evidence that the disease has spread to other parts of the 85-year-old’s body.

In a press release, the United States Supreme Court issued the following press release concerning Justice Ginsburg’s condition:

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a pulmonary lobectomy today at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Two nodules in the lower lobe of her left lung were discovered incidentally during tests performed at George Washington University Hospital to diagnose and treat rib fractures sustained in a fall on November 7.

"According to the thoracic surgeon, Valerie W. Rusch, MD, FACS, both nodules removed during surgery were found to be malignant on initial pathology evaluation. Post-surgery, there was no evidence of any remaining disease.

"Scans performed before surgery indicated no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. Currently, no further treatment is planned. Justice Ginsburg is resting comfortably and is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days.

"Updates will be provided as they become available."

Please join us in praying for Justice Ginsburg, the oldest serving member of the Supreme Court. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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