Ryan Gosling Lost “The Love of His Life”

October 16, 2017

Ryan Gosling has been the heartthrob of the decade. Between “The Notebook,” the “Hey girl” memes, and “Lala Land,” Gosling has become everyone’s favorite.

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Since Gosling started to become famous, he has had a near-constant companion tag along with him—his dog. George was a terrier mix that Gosling adopted from a shelter in 2000 and he followed Gosling nearly everywhere.

Gosling once described George as “the love of my life.” He even occasionally took him on talk shows. Check out this video of Gosling and George talking to Jimmy Fallon in 2011.

December 2016, though, George’s health failed him and he had to be put down. Gosling opened up about the sad time with Ellen on her show.

Through much of the press that Gosling has been doing for “Blade Runner 2049,” you can see him wearing a necklace. That necklace is George’s dog tag.

Not only that, but Gosling even has a shirt with an image of George on it. He recently wore it for the final act when he hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

George sounds exactly like the kind of dog anyone could fall in love with. Gosling describes one time when they were outside at a restaurant and George decided he wanted to sit at the table. As soon as someone excused himself, George hopped up and settled in the chair.

Gosling also shared about how George aged: “He started to look like an aging rock star. He was sort of skinny-fat. And he had big hair and no teeth. Open sores, but still sexy.”

Gosling obviously cares so much about his dog. It’s amazing to see his dedication and love.

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