Ryan Reynolds FaceTimes with Terminally Ill Boy

August 03, 2017

Daniel Downing, a 5-year-old boy from Plympton, England, and his family received devastating news one day. His doctors told him and his parents they had found an inoperable tumor in Downing’s brain and he only had months to live. His family decided to use treatment that would extend his life as long as possible in order for extra special memories; he is expected to live as long as 9 months.

With this heartbreaking news, his family was determined to make his final months as special as possible. Downing is a huge fan of Marvel movies, especially “Deadpool” because Ryan Reynolds is his hero!

Ryan Reynolds heard about Downing’s story and arranged some time to give the young boy a call. Reynolds showed him the set of “Deadpool 2” in Vancouver, Canada during their 15-minute FaceTime conversation. Downing’s dad video recorded the whole thing.

During the call, Reynolds said, “You know what I am doing right now? I’m filming ‘Deadpool 2’. I’m about to walk into the set and shoot ‘Deadpool 2’.” Downing got very excited!

Check out the video below to see Reynolds and Downing chat on FaceTime. What do you think about this interaction between the two?