Sad News Just Released About Kate Middleton; Fans Are Shattered By This

June 12, 2018

Some unfortunate news has come in about Kate Middleton. Royal fans are heartbroken about the recent details that have been released. 

After Prince Louis was born on April 23, Kate started her maternity leave. She did attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent wedding in May and has been seen at several other family events such as the Trooping the Colour event at Whitehall's Horse Guards Parade.

The Duchess is entitled to a six-month maternity break before she takes back her royal duties. While we have seen Kate out and about recently, royal experts say that she shouldn't be unless it's for special family events. 

“Kate will be resuming Royal duties after taking extended maternity leave as expected after Louis’s birth, probably in the autumn," royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said

Royal fans will not likely see Kate at official engagements until this fall — October 2018. Some fans are devasted after discovering this fact, but again understand that she is entitled to some time off after having her third child. She will, however, likely attend certain family events, but no one is certain as to which ones those might be. 

“It is traditional for new Royal mums to take a six-month break from official engagements," royal biographer Duncan Larcombe said. “The wedding doesn’t count because it was a family affair but other than that, she will pick and choose her engagements."

Prince Louis has been kept from the public's eye lately, as well, and she may plan to do the same. 

“If she wanted, Kate could disappear into the background until October," Larcombe added. 

The next event people will likely see Prince Louis is at his Christening this summer. Prince William is likely going to pick up Kate's royal duties and conduct a few charity events alone this summer. 

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What do you think about Kate taking some time off? Let us know what you think! We'd love to hear your thoughts! In other news, pictures have been released of Prince George leaving people disgusted. What do you think?

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