9-Year-Old Tennis Star Suddenly Dies — Ranked One Of The Best Players; Family Requesting Prayers

September 07, 2018


9-year-old Sadie Bristow was known for her incredible tennis skills. She was ranked one of the best tennis players in the United Kingdom for her age. Sadly, Sadie has passed away following a terrible allergic reaction.


On August 19, Sadie and her family were at Whitstable Castle in Kent when suddenly she went into anaphylactic shock, according to the "Daily Mail."


Her family already knew that she had an allergy to dairy products, but it is still unknown as to what triggered the anaphylactic shock. When her parents noticed something was seriously wrong with their daughter, Stewart and Clare Bristow rushed Sadie to the hospital. She was later airlifted to St. George's Hospital in London.


Sadie was injected with 16 adrenaline shots by the EMTs, but she did not recover. Sadie's doctors were reportedly surprised by the 9-year-old's allergic reaction, and they still do not know what could have caused it to trigger.

"She was playing outside when she came in and told us she wasn't well," Sadie's heartbroken father said.

"We decided she needed to go to the hospital and took her ourselves to the Estuary View Medical Centre in Whitstable because it was quickest and from there she went to Margate Hospital and then St. George's.

"Anaphylactic shock shuts down the airways very quickly, and she did not respond to treatment despite being administered with 16 shots of adrenaline, which is the first course of action.


"It is very rare, and I think even the doctors were taken aback by the speed of it," Stewart, who coaches tennis at the King's School Recreation Center in Canterbury and Bridge Tennis Club, said.

"Sadie and I were on a journey, and she was so determined and focused. She never tired and never gave anything less than 100%," the proud father said. "But she was also very humble and modest and loved to help other younger players on the court."


Sadie was ranked by the Lawn Tennis Association as the top nine-and-under tennis players in the country last year. She won more than 40 regional and county tournaments all across the U.K.

Now, Stewart and Clare are wanting to spread awareness of the potentially dangerous and serious allergies that are out there. They have created a foundation in Sadie's memory.

Will you please keep Sadie's parents and family in your thoughts and prayers?