Fans React To Sad News About Beloved ‘Scrubs’ Star's Grim Diagnosis Just Weeks After Birth Of First Child 

February 06, 2019

Best known for his iconic role in popular sitcom ‘Scrubs’ beloved character actor Sam Lloyd has just received some devastating news. Just weeks after the birth of his first child with wife Vanessa, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Lloyd, who played hapless, sad-sack lawyer Ted on the wildly popular NBC show, was living the good life - up until mid-January when things suddenly took a dramatic turn.

Happily married to wife Vanessa, the couple had just welcomed their first child, son Weston. At age 55, he surely expected the challenges of raising a tiny human to be taxing, but the fatigue he was experiencing in the days and weeks following the newborn’s arrival was more than he bargained for.

But when the headaches started and he lost ten pounds unexpectedly, Lloyd knew he needed to see his doctor. That’s when he got the terrible news.

A CT scan revealed a brain tumor and he was scheduled immediately for surgery to remove it. Once the surgeons opened up his skull, however, they discovered just how bad it really was. The tumor had infiltrated the actor’s brain and would be too dangerous to try to remove.

"Further tests revealed that the cancer had spread from the original tumor in his lungs to not only his brain, but also his liver, spine, and jaw bone.

On a GoFundMe page started by Lloyd’s family and friends to help with his wife and son’s future expenses, we get a candid insight into how the beloved performer is facing his grim future.

“In the face of this devastating news, Sam and Vanessa have been incredibly strong and positive. Humor and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam’s life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead.

“Just hours after being diagnosed, Sam was cheering on his beloved New England Patriots in his hospital room. When the nurse asked him to ‘cheer quieter,’ Sam politely nodded.

“When the nurse left the room, Sam turned to Vanessa and his friends and said, ‘What are they gonna do? Kill me?’"

Please join us in praying for the beloved funnyman as he travels the difficult journey ahead of him.

Take a few moments to enjoy the varied and immense talents of the one and only Sam Lloyd in his celebrated role as Ted on ‘Scrubs,’ in the video, below.

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