Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Woman Over Shocking Controversial Comment—Internet Can’t Get Enough of Her Quick Response

June 06, 2018

Sarah Sanders, who is the White House press secretary, made a shocking statement at a recent press briefing. It all started after a reporter apparently pushed her to her limits.

“Sanders was explaining President Donald Trump’s position that all Americans should stand for the national anthem out of respect for the country and military when White House correspondent April Ryan began shouting questions without being called on,” states one source.

The reporter, April Ryan, goes on to shout, “‘Is the President aware that this is about police-involved shootings and not about disrespecting the flag?’

“‘There are black and brown soldiers that fight in the military as well who feel that taking a knee, bringing attention to police-involved shooting is something that this White House should deal with.’”

Sanders continued to try to respond to Ryan’s comments but got interrupted every time. At one point she had enough, causing her to finally fire back a response that silenced the entire room.

“‘I let you rudely interrupt me and your colleague. I’m going to ask that you allow me to finish my answer.’

“‘I would be happy to answer it if you stop talking long enough.’”

At this point, the room went silent and Sanders finally had a moment to finish her sentence.

“‘The president has made his position crystal clear on this topic. He feels strongly that standing for our national anthem is something that we should do, something that matters to what makes our country special and unique and what sets us apart.’”

She continued, “‘He’s not going to waver on that. He’s not going to apologize for it.’”

Watch the full interaction here:

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