JUST IN: Missing Teen Found! Adoptive Father Arrested, Charged In Heinous Crime

February 01, 2019

Another missing teenage girl has been located and, just like Jayme Closs, has been found alive, and just like Jayme, found in the state of Wisconsin. But, that's where the similarities end. Jayme's nightmare started when she was abducted and her parents murdered and ended when she escaped captivity.

In this new case, the missing girl's bad dream had been going on for a long time before her mysterious disappearance. 

14-year-old Savannah Pruitt vanished in the early morning hours of January 14th, and since that time, her family has been desperately seeking answers. Gone for more than two weeks, she has now been found safe and healthy. Praise God!!

And what we are learning since her joyous rescue is a bit troubling, to say the least. The story is turning out to be quite different from what we were first led to believe.

As the details of the case are slowly coming to light, the picture is starting to become a bit clearer, - and what is being revealed is not pleasant. The good news is that the teen was not likely abducted. The bad news is that, although she left of her own volition, she was fleeing something at home.

“In earlier interviews with WVLT News, the girl's parents said the teen was last seen Jan. 13 at 11 p.m. at her Madisonville home. Officials said her mother went into her room on the morning of Jan. 14 at 4:30 a.m. to find the teen was gone. Investigators said the teen's bedroom window was found open. Other clothing was missing.”

The only 'communication' they got from their daughter was one 'ping' on her cell phone the next day, from 140 miles away in Kentucky.

“MISSING TEEN: The FBI joined the search for Savannah Pruitt, last seen at home in Tennessee Jan. 13 before her siblings found her bedroom window open with some clothes missing and a ping from her cell phone the next day in Kentucky.”

Then, a stunning announcement was made shortly after the world learned that Savannah was safe: Her adoptive father, Randall Pruitt was arrested and charged with rape. Although further details were not released at the time, it is safe to infer that the two cases are related.

If Savannah was, indeed “fleeing a situation at home,” and she agreed to return shortly after her father was arrested for rape, we can come to only one conclusion, and it’s a horrifying one.

Authorities are not saying if the 14-year-old is the victim in the rape charges but based on all the information revealed so far, you can put two and two together and quickly surmise that he adoptive father was whom she was fleeing.

At this point, authorities are no longer using Savannah’s name because she is now a crime victim and a minor. Therefore, everything from here on out in court documents will be generic about the identity of the rape victim.

Monroe County, Tennessee Sheriff Tommy Jones issued the following report on Savannah’s condition upon rescue:

"She's in good health. She's safe, she's warm.”

According to Fox News, “[Savannah] Pruitt was still in Wisconsin as of Thursday night. Authorities did not know how she got there and didn't reveal what her relationship was to the homeowner. It's also unclear how she traveled to Madison.

"Authorities said they were investigating the possibility of other charges but wouldn't say what type or who those charges would be filed against."

Please join us in thanking God for Savannah's return home. Please continue to pray for the 14-year-old as she goes through what is sure to be a difficult time ahead.

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