2nd Man Arrested In Case Of Missing Tennessee Teen. This Story Gets More Disturbing By The Minute

February 05, 2019

Just last week we heard the great news that 14-year-old Savannah Pruitt who had been missing from her Madisonville, Tennessee home for over two weeks was found, safe. Then, the shocking report came that her adopted father, 42-year-old Randall Pruitt, had been arrested for sexually abusing her.

Pruitt is currently being held in Monroe County Jail on a two million dollar bond. Part one of the mystery is solved. Now, on to part two.


In the days that followed, investigators were able to zero in on the man who actually took Savannah from her home and he, too, has been arrested. But the story is not as straightforward as you might expect. Some might even see the second man as a sort of 'hero' in this disturbing case.

Here is the story as the case was unfolding:

The second man, 31-year-old Bryan David Rogers, stands accused of taking the teen over 700 miles away to his home state of Wisconsin, then using her for sexual exploitation in relation to dad Randall Pruitt’s alleged rape of the 14-year-old.

WATE ABC-6 reports, “The U.S. Attorney stated the suspect, 31-year-old Bryan David Rogers, persuaded the 14-year-old girl to ‘engage in sexually explicit conduct’ in an attempt to obtain the recorded video for evidence.

“He then allegedly convinced her to leave her home and go with him to his Madison, Wisconsin, home, where he lives with his mother.”


It was also revealed that Savannah met Rogers through an online gaming app and that the girl had confided in him that her adoptive father had been engaging in sexual activity with her. That was when Rogers persuaded her to obtain video evidence of the alleged rape and to send it to him. He then talked Savannah into traveling with him to the Wisconsin home of Rogers' mother.

At some point during the two weeks in which she was missing, Savannah contacted the F.B.I. in St. Louis, Missouri to tell her story. From there, authorities they were able to get an arrest warrant on her father and take him into custody. They then traveled to Wisconsin to bring Savannah home.

Pruitt “was arrested Thursday and charged with rape after authorities said they found ‘explicit photos and a video’ on the teen girl’s online footprints.”

Various outlets are reporting that the F.B.I. investigated the teen's G-mail account where they found explicit photos of her father engaging in sexual activity with her. There is evidence that Savannah then sent those photos, allegedly to Rogers.

Crime Online reports, “According to the arrest affidavit, Monroe County investigators obtained a search warrant for the girl’s email and online records. They found multiple photos and a video of Pruitt having sex with the girl, which had been sent to Rogers."

Although Rogers may see himself as the hero in this scenario, he, too, is facing charges of his own. Rogers is charged with both star and federal crimes associated with his part in the incident.

He is charged with abduction of a child from the state of Wisconsin and sexual exploitation, which is a felony.

Details must remain sketchy at this point, according to Monroe County Sheriff's Office, in order to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

“I’m having to be vague in all my statements because this is still an ongoing investigation,” Sheriff, Tommy Jones, said. “There’s the possibility of multiple other charges coming forward with multiple people involved. And truthfully that’s about all we can say at this time.”

Savannah's three siblings have been removed from their home and are staying at a "confidential, safe location."

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