Arrest Made In Case Of Missing Mom Of 4 Savannah Spurlock, After Human Remains Found

July 11, 2019

Police have arrested a man in connection with the disappearance of 23-year-old Kentucky mom Savannah Spurlock after human remains were found on his property.

A man who had been questioned by police when the mom-of-four first went missing in January, "was arrested on desecration charges early Thursday after officials said human remains were found at a home believed to be Spurlock's last known location and which authorities have searched before."

Fox News is reporting, “David Sparks, one of the last people believed to be with Spurlock, was taken into custody and charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. He was booked into a jail in Madison County.”

Sparks is one of the three men questioned early on in the investigation and has been identified as one of the men seen on surveillance video with the missing mom-of-four on the night she vanished.

Sparks and his home had been searched shortly after Spurloch’s January 4th disappearance, but no arrest was made at the time.  On Wednesday, authorities returned to the property with a search warrant after a neighbor reported smelling a foul odor at the home on Lick Falls Road in Garrard County, Kentucky.

“The latest development came after a man reported a foul odor coming from the property, where Sparks lives, according to an arrest citation for Sparks.”

“Troopers said that information, in addition to the fact that Sparks ‘is the primary suspect in a missing person investigation,’ led investigators to search the property.

“The human remains were found buried on the property. Troopers said they found evidence with the remains.”

“That tip coupled with Sparks being ‘the primary suspect in a missing persons investigation’ led to the search, during which officials say they found remains -- and other items -- buried on the property.

"These items were last known to be in the control of only two individuals, the missing person, and the above," the citation states, according to WKYT.”

Shortly after Savannah went missing, her mother Ellen Spurlock spoke to reporters about the events leading up to her daughter's disappearance.

Ellen Spurlock said that she'd had a FaceTime chat with her daughter while Savannah was riding to what we now know is the Sparks home. Ellen Spurlock says she "observed that there was a man driving the car. Savannah was in the passenger seat.

"There were at least two people in the back seat talking. ... I heard one of them tell me to ‘chill.’ They were also hollering other things but I couldn’t make it out. I was just checking on my daughter.”

She also lent some insight into how the family was dealing with the unknown.

"We are devastated. She has four young kids that need their mother. Whatever you know, you need to come forward now. I’m begging you to do this as a human being," Ellen Spurlock told Fox News at the time.

"Savannah was very responsible and reliable. She rarely partied. She stayed home all the time. I can’t remember the last time she was out with friends. She was a wonderful person. She loved her kids. She’d do anything for anybody.”

Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson, assistant chief of police at the Richmond Police Department, also spoke to ‘Dateline’ about Savannah’s last-known whereabouts.

Thanks to surveillance video of the area around ‘There Other’ bar in Lexington, police were able to determine that, at some point that night, Savannah left the bar with three men.

On January 22nd, "A search warrant was carried out a home in Garrard County by Richmond police," WLEX-TV reported.

”The home was allegedly owned by the parents of one of the men last seen with the 22-year-old, and police reportedly seized a vehicle at the address."

“Police questioned the two men seen on surveillance as well as a third man when Spurlock first disappeared but did not file charges against them.

“Search and rescue teams that specialize in K9 searches swept the cornfields and a bridge near the home where the mother of four was last tracked in the months since her disappearance. In April, police received a tip that led them to search a cave but nothing was found," WLEX-TV reported.

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