Arizona School Officials 'Triggered' By Students On 'USA Spirit' Day, Force Conservative Kids To Remove Trump-Supporting Attire

March 06, 2019

Here they go again!!

If it weren’t for the fact that this type of disgraceful behavior is becoming an all-too-common occurrence, I would find it hard to believe. But, unfortunately, in this day and age, we hardly blink anymore when conservative-leaning Americans get singled out and discriminated against simply because they choose to show support for President Trump.

And now, the agents of Anti-Trump bias are becoming more and more fearless, this time taking the fight to the hallways of our nation’s schools - and targeting the innocent and impressionable children who walk them.

School administrators at one Arizona High School have blatantly whipped the 'First Amendment rights' rug right out from under the feet of a group of patriotic students. Their crime? Showing support for the current president of the United States on what the school designated as 'Party in the U.S.A.' spirit day.

Say what??

That’s right. In an effort to promote patriotism within its halls of learning, the school included the USA-themed day in their annual ‘Spirit Week’ festivities - Except their idea of American spirit evidently didn’t include celebrating the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump!

Students and parents were outraged by the incident and they are taking action, holding protests in the wake of the alleged-First Amendment rights violation of their children. But that's not all.

The altercation also caught the attention of some people who actually have the power to do something about it.

Now Arizona lawmakers have stepped into the fray and are asking the State’s Attorney General to investigate whether or not students' rights were violated when they were targeted for wearing ’Make America Great Again’ attire and carrying a Trump banner during a school-sanctioned patriotism event.

“You don't have a right to take away student's Freedom of Speech! And it was during a spirit day with a 'Party in the USA' theme. What better time to celebrate MAGA?”

Fox News reports, “House Majority Leader Warren Petersen sent a letter on Monday to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich asking him to look into whether or not the faculty at Perry High School in Gilbert, Ariz. violated students' free speech rights amid claims that administrators ordered kids to remove Trump clothing and accessories during a spirit day with a 'Party in the USA' theme.”

The letter signed by 26 Arizona lawmakers states, “Given that the free speech of all U.S. citizens is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, we ask that you, as the state's chief legal officer, examine the facts of this case to ensure that the rights of these students were not infringed upon.”

“They were encouraged to wear patriotic gear as part of ‘USA Day’ on the last day of Spirit Week.”

Brnovich’s spokesman acknowledged that they received the letter and will investigate the incident and make a decision on appropriate action, if any, after hearing all the facts.

One girl was even suspended from school for ten days for her ‘defiance.’

“These girls say they were disrespected by school staff at Perry HS for wearing #MAGA gear. The one on the left was suspended for 10 days for being ‘defiant.’

As you might expect, Perry High School administrators tell a different version of the story.

“School officials have denied that students were punished for expressing their political views.

“In a response sent to parents, Principal Dan Serrano said that students carrying the Trump sign caused a disruption and created a safety concern during last Friday’s lunch.”

No specifics as to the type of ‘distraction’ they caused, but one wonders if it was those opposing the banner who actually caused the problem.

After having been ordered to put the sign away and remove the ‘MAGA’ clothing, the students weren’t finished expressing their viewpoint.

“According to Serrano, students once again brought out the signs after school and refused to leave school grounds despite being asked to by the school’s resource officer.”

There were no reports of any other group of students being punished in the same manner, so there just might be a case here.

Perry High School issued the following statement in an effort to ‘clear up the misunderstanding’ associated with the incident.

What are your thoughts this? Should students be allowed the same Constitutional rights as adults, even on school grounds? Or did the school officials get it right when denying the students permission to show their support for the president? Let us know in the ‘comments’ section.


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