Video: Scientist Drops Ice Down 300 Foot Borehole–Listen To The Sound It Makes

March 14, 2018

Antarctica is a strange place. It is a continent covered completely with ice and is home to some of the harshest weather on the planet.


While there are no native inhabitants of Antarctica, there are a few hundred scientists who live there year round.



As there isn’t much you can do on Antarctica, you have to find clever ways to entertain yourself. One scientist, Peter Neff, discovered that dropping ice down deep boreholes is quite the enjoyable experience.




“Over a challenging two-month season working on this cold, windy glacier, it was a favorite past-time to put a piece of ice down one of the holes to hear this incredibly satisfying sound,” said Neff.


“During a November deployment to the Taylor Glacier… our camp was fascinated by the sound of the ice scraping against the borehole wall, shattering into thousands of pieces and then slamming at once into the bottom of the 300-foot deep hole,” he continued.


“It sent reverberations back to the surface that would have caused hearing damage if you placed your ear directly above the hole,” he said.



A borehole is a long and narrow hole dug into the ice to access minerals for research as well as apparently throwing ice down it for the sake of hearing cool noises.


Watch the video and hear it for yourself!


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