Scientists are Crafting Brains for Shocking Reason

April 10, 2018

Tiny, bed-bug-sized brains are currently being created in a lab. The reason? Help stroke victims cure damaged areas of the brain.

But how is this happening? Stem cell research my friend.

An article in the New York Post states, “Both the miniature brains and the blood vessels were developed from stem cells that originated from the same patient, according to a new study from the University of California Davis published in the journal NeuroReport.”

The new discovery would hopefully one day help stroke victims replace damaged brain tissue with new tissue using their own cells. Tests are already pointing to the fact that these “mini brains” can sprout new vessels—thus leading to repaired tissue. This is a major milestone for stroke victims.

“The breakthrough could allow the brains to survive for longer, thanks to the vital oxygen and nutrients supplied by the vessels, and could encourage them to keep growing.”

The new technology is still in its early stages and alas...has a long way to go. Currently, scientists are unclear whether this will be a viable option for humans.

“However, scientists still aren’t certain if the blood this network of vessels carries is human or rodent.”

In this case, that is major in the adoption of human use. However, other issues have arisen that still need to be worked through.

“The next problem will be getting these cells wired into circuits that can receive and process information.”

Still, though in its early stages, scientists say the results are promising.

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