Scientists Say Seniors Can Get Sick If These Household Items Are Not Cleaned

November 09, 2017

We are stepping into the flu and cold season and that means families are bolting towards the medicine aisles. We understand that germs are everywhere, but as for certain bacteria, there are some we should try to prevent. 

Have you ever thought much of what you touch? Do you worry what your kids or grandkids have touched throughout the day? Well, a reporter, Nia Harden, at ABC Maryland decided to do some swabbing of their own and see how much bacteria is on daily household items.

A mother of three, Melissa Macavage, interviewed with ABC and opened up her home for them to do some tests.

The team swabbed the TV remote, Melissa's cell phone, the bathroom door handle, the refrigerator door handle, a lunchbox, a steering wheel, and the bottom of Melissa's purse. Are you curious about what they found? What do you think had the most bacteria?

With the remote control, Melissa was surprised to hear there was bacteria, that is normally found in the mouth, was detected on the remote. As for the cell phone, it came out spotless. No bacteria was found. Are you surprised by that? The microbiologists were too.

The one that grew the fastest and had the most bacteria was discovered on the refrigerator door handle. While this area might be easily overlooked when cleaning, it is one of the highest traffic areas in our home.

The microbiologists involved stated that these bacterial growths will not harm a healthy person, however, it could impact an elderly person or someone with a compromised immune system, or even impact someone with a cut.

So what can we do? Hand washing! We've known this since we were in elementary school. Some adults still even sing their ABC's or the Happy Birthday song while they are scrubbing with hot soapy water. Check out the video below to see even more information about bacteria and the investigation they did!

Were you surprised by the results? Share your thoughts in our comment section below! Make sure you share this with your family and friends! In other news, they call him "ICU Grandpa" and he is the best thing that has ever happened to this hospital! Find out why!

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