Package Delivery Plane Takes Deadly Plunge Into South Texas Bay. Search Continues For Missing Pilot, 'Black Box'

February 27, 2019

If you’ve seen the movie, ‘Castaway’ then you might be sensing a slight bit of déjà vu right now. In the 2000 Tom Hanks vehicle, a Federal Express cargo plane - full of packages that will never be delivered to their customers - crashes near a deserted island in Malaysia.

The pilot and various and sundry items that wash ashore are the only ‘survivors.’

Although ‘Castaway’ was based on a true story, the fact that the pilot survived sets it apart from the real-life tragedy that occurred over South Texas on Saturday.

Now, investigators are left searching for clues as to what caused the Boeing 767 to unexpectedly plunge from the sky, killing all three men aboard.

Fox News reports, “Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767 cargo plane, was headed to Houston from Miami and was operating on behalf of Amazon Prime Air when it crashed Saturday afternoon in Trinity Bay about 35 miles east of Houston.”

Authorities are saying that, in spite of the loss of the three men, it was a fortunate thing that the plane went down in the bay rather than in the middle of the city, where casualties would have been astronomical.

Two of the three men on the plane have been identified and their bodies recovered. The third, the pilot, has not been found.

“The Chambers County Sheriff's Office said Monday that two bodies recovered from Trinity Bay have been identified as First Officer Conrad Aska, 44, the co-pilot, and Sean Archuleta 36, a jump seat rider on the flight.

“The body of the pilot and the black box have not been found.”

Debris could be seen strewn across a large area as the tides brought more of the plane parts into view.

“Crews using airboats and helicopters have circled the crash scene, where white chunks of the fuselage could be seen above long grass.”

Hampering the search and recovery mission is the murky condition of the water.

“The muddy landscape has made the process ‘painstaking,’ National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwal said.

“What’s so difficult out there right now, there’s not a lot of water, there's a lot of mud and the mud is like quicksand out there," one searcher told KHOU. "You can get stuck really easily and that is impeding some of the searching”

KHOU-11 reports, “The sheriff's office put a call out for anyone who may have other recordings or pictures of the plane crash to contact them.

“Officials said the investigation could take longer than a year to complete.”

“Latest reports say that the @NTSB have a video of the Amazon prime cargo plane in a steep nose down Position. They say the video shows the impact and that it was a high-speed impact.”

Please join us in praying for the families of these men lost in Saturday’s tragedy. May they feel God’s loving presence as they mourn the loss of their loved ones.

To get some idea of the last few moments of the doomed flight, you can watch the simulation video, below.

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