Second Cast Member To Die Mysteriously This Year: 36-Year-Old Reality Star Leaves Behind Wife And Baby Daughter. Family Asks For Prayers

December 18, 2018

Family and friends of beloved reality show star William 'Willbilly' Hathaway are mourning the sudden and devastating loss of one of their youngest cast members. He died Saturday in a one-vehicle crash in Maryland. And there's a mystery surrounding why he died that leaves officials and family baffled.

The Daily Caller is reporting, “Sometime after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, several bypassing citizens called the MSP Salisbury Barrack to report a Toyota truck located in a ditch near the shoulder of the road.”

The 38-year-old star of The National Geographic Channel's 'Wild Tuna' series was the sole occupant of the vehicle and apparently was not killed instantly.

Local news outlet WBOC reports that Hathaway actually called his wife to tell her he’d driven off the road and into a ditch but was okay. What happened in the time between that phone call and when paramedics arrived is a mystery.

“But by the time first responders arrived on scene, EMS personnel reportedly found him slumped over his seat and unconscious. No airbag had deployed and there was ‘minimal damage’ apparent on his vehicle.”

“Hathaway, who was a crew member of the Ocean City-based ‘Foolish Pleasures,’ appeared with his fellow crew members on the National Geographic Channel's reality show ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.’”

Hathaway’s family is heartbroken and are reaching out to the community not only for financial support, but also asking for prayers to sustain them through this unimaginable trial.

WBOC also shares, “Following news of his death, members of the Ocean City fishing community have set up a Facebook fundraising page to assist Hathaway's wife, Mary, and newborn daughter, Molly.

The Facebook page says of Hathaway, "He was an exceptional human being whose passion was the sea. He always brightened the day of anyone he met. His wife and newborn baby girl he was most proud of.

“Due to his untimely death, we are asking for donations to help them stay on their feet while trying to survive this tragedy."

"This isn’t the first devastating loss ‘Wicked Tuna’ has suffered this year. In July, 28-year-old Nicholas ‘Duffy’ Fudge was found dead in his New Hampshire home. The cause of his death remains shrouded in mystery.”

No details have been released as to what caused the crash that killed Hathaway, but an investigation is underway. Please join us in praying for Mary and Molly and the rest of William’s family.

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