Senior Dog’s Mouth Was Duct Taped and Neglected for Years — Incredible Rescue Happens

February 05, 2018

A senior Golden Retriever had been chained up outside all day, every day, for years. All he had to sleep on was a concrete slab.

Sadly, the dog began to bark and whine because he wanted to come inside. The owner got annoyed by the howls, so he wrapped the dog's mouth with duct tape.


Neighbors began to notice, so they contacted the police. Unfortunately, the police said that they couldn't do much. All they could do was speak with the owners and tell them to take care of their pet. The owners brushed the officer's request aside and kept the dog outside with a muzzled mouth.

Every day, the neighbors looked out their window. And sure enough, the old dog was still there tied up on a short chain with duct tape around his mouth, with no shelter and very little food and water. He looked miserable. All he wanted was some love and attention.


Since the police didn't do anything, a man took matters into his own hands. He jumped the fence and trespassed onto his neighbor's property. He unchained the dog and carried him back to his house.

Thankfully, his neighbor didn't press charges for trespassing. But imagine the brave man's countersuit. Most judges or jury members would probably have done the same thing.

The man named the dog Alfie and gave him the time of his life. Unfortunately, the man's job made it impossible for him to keep Alfie, so instead of dropping him off at the pound, he took him to a rehabilitation center just for senior dogs.

Alfie found his forever home! No more concrete slabs for a bed, no more duct tape. Now he has a warm and loving home, full of other dog friends, grass, beach trips, and plenty of food and water.

What do you think about the ending of this story? It sure makes me want to go out and adopt a senior dog. In other news, a biker was traveling down a highway when he noticed a man and a dog on the side of the road. The man began beating and throwing the dog into the air. Check out how this biker responded!


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