Serial Bomber of Austin Killed After Frightening Confrontation

March 21, 2018

After three disturbing weeks, the suspected serial bomber has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt according to the Associated Press. The suspect has killed two people, injured several and traumatized the city of Austin.

During the past 24-36 hours, police have been receiving multiple tips on one specific person. The police continued to work on narrowing their investigation on this one person which lead from being a person of interest to a suspect.


The police identified that man as a 24-year-old male. He was killed after fleeing from the motel in his car with the police right on his tail. The suspect drove into a ditch and detonated two packages he had in his car when police closed in, prompted his death.


"We wanted this to come to a peaceful resolution tonight," said Austin Police Chief Brian Manley. "However, we were not afforded that opportunity when he started to drive away."


Manley says that there could be other bombs still out there and warned residents to be aware. Please call the police if you feel uncertain about a suspicious package.


"We don't know where he has been in the past 24 hours," Manley said. "If you see something that looks suspicious, see something out of place, see something that gives you concern, call 911."


President Trump responded to the news and posted it on Twitter. He said, "AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned!"


Several witnesses spoke with FOX7 about the situation. They saw a bomb robot but did not hear any explosion.


At this time all we know is that he was identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt. We do not know his motive and it's unclear if he had accomplices.


Let's take a minute to pray for the individual's who lost their lives and thank law enforcement for their heroic actions.


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