Serial Killer Has Been Linked To Seven Deaths In Washington, According To Officials — Reward Offered

August 07, 2018

On the night of August 4, 2018, Kathy Harrigan gave her beloved cat some dinner, and then brushed his hair before letting him outside to his heated cat house for the remainder of the night.

Harley is a deaf, 20-year-old tabby cat who Harrigan had been taking care of for the past couple of years.

When Harrigan woke up the following morning and opened the back door to feed Harley, he wasn't there.

A little while later, the police arrive. And they had some bad news.

Harrigan was informed that her precious cat was brutally mutilated last night. He was found dead on her neighbor's front lawn.

This made Harley the seventh in a string of cat killings in recent months. Thurston County officials in Washington believe this is the work of a serial cat killer.

“He was about 20 years old. He was deaf,” Harrigan told Q13. “He had found a place under a tree in our yard, so we took him in. Built him a house and kept him warm over the next couple of winters. There’s no way he would ever have been an indoor cat, or we would have brought him inside.”

Harrigan said that Harley was somewhat feral and wouldn't let anyone pick him up. She was shocked at how someone would have gotten a hold of him.

“It’s really kind of terrifying, does it stop with cats? And, then the fact that this person had laid his body out for everyone to see is really disturbing,” Harrigan said.

Erika Johnson, an officer at Thurston County Animal Services, said that Harley was cut open with a scalpel and his spine was removed.

There has been evidence that one cat had fought back. Olly was found strangled and mutilated Friday morning, but he didn't give up easily. Johnson said that they had found samples of DNA on the claws of Olly.


At this time, police do not have a suspect but are asking the public for help. Pasado's Safe Haven is offering a $1,500 reward and Q13 News station and Washington’s Most Wanted host David Rose is matching. The reward is $3,000 for any tip that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.