Shanann Watts' Heartbroken Parents Break Silence About Murdered Daughter. New Details Reveal Bitter Truth About Tragic Final Days

December 06, 2018

Nearly four months after the brutal triple homicide in which their 34-year-old daughter and two granddaughters lost their lives, Frank and Sandra Rzucek are finally speaking out about their loved ones they miss so much.

Compounding the tragedy is the fact that their son-in-law has been charged with the murders. I can only imagine how a human being could withstand so much suffering.

In a revealing interview, the grieving parents now want to share with the world more than the details of Shan'ann Watts’ grisly murder. Although she became famous for her tragic death, the parents share intimate details of the daughter they knew, and loved, and lost.

15 weeks pregnant with her third child, Shan'ann was a vibrant, loving mother.

“She was fun, full of life. She did so many things,” Sandra said of Shan'ann in an interview with ABC News set to air on Friday night’s 20/20.

“She had her hand in everything,” Sandra said. “She was amazing.”

Shannon was determined to raise her daughters in the best way she knew how, and even made concrete plans so that she would cover all her bases.

Sandra said her daughter “never gave up” and kept a vision board — “to make sure her children had everything they ever needed,” Shan'ann’s father explained.

Both parents described their daughter as “confident” and “resolute” who wanted nothing more than to someday be a mother. But her life was not all positive.

The young mother was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease known as lupus. And the prospect of having children would be a high-risk proposition.

Even with the dangers involved, Shannan was determined to give birth and when she found out she was expecting Bella, her older daughter, many in her family and circle of friends were concerned for her.

But Bella arrived, healthy and happy, and she and Chris, her husband, went on the have Celeste the following year. And then, this year she became pregnant with a little boy, whom she named Niko.

Then, less than four months into the pregnancy, Shannan was murdered along with her three kids. Prosecutors say that her husband committed the atrocity because he was having an affair and wanted free of his responsibilities.

“Early on August 13th, after Shan'ann returned from a weekend work trip, Chris murdered her and their daughters and then hid their bodies at property owned by his then-employer.”

In a surprising move, 33-year-old Chris Watts pleaded guilty to all charges and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Left to pick up the pieces of the unconscionable act, Frank and Sandra want to make sure that their daughter is not forgotten.

“She was a good soul,” Frank told ABC.

To see a moment in time when life was still good for Shan'ann and her children, watch the video, below.

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