She Grew Them Out for Twenty Years—Now Look at Her Nails!

February 14, 2018

After more than twenty years of growing them, Ayanna Williams’ nails have finally gotten the recognition they deserve. Ayanna was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the woman with the longest fingernails on a pair of hands.

Ayanna is a Houston-based nail technician and her skills are put to good use on her own hands. In order to paint her nails, it takes twenty hours and two bottles of nail polish.

Her nails have a combined total measurement of over 18 feet and 10 inches. Each of her individual nails is around two feet long. Her longest nail is 28 inches.

According to Ayanna, she still does most everyday tasks, it just takes her more time. She has granddaughters who help her with chores around the house that she can’t do, like making her bed and washing the dishes.

In this video, Ayanna explains a little bit more about her nails and why she decided to grow them out.

While Ayanna has the longest nails on both hands for women, she doesn’t have the longest nails. That title is held by Shridhar Chillal of India. He has been growing his nails since the 1950’s but has only grown them on one hand. His longest nail is over 6 feet long.

When he was in school, a teacher got very angry at him and his friends because they broke a nail that he had been growing. They didn’t understand why the teacher was so angry and he said they would never understand until they broke a nail like that, so the boys began to grow out their own nails.

Watch Shridhar tell his own story here:

The dedication that it takes to grow nails like this is incredible! When asked why she applied for the record, she said, “To let my children know that anything they want to accomplish can be done. It takes courage, discipline, and patience but it can be accomplished.”

While growing the longest nails might not be a goal for all of us, we can be inspired by the patience and dedication it took to grow them! What do you think about these records? Let us know on Facebook or use the hashtag #InspiringDay.

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