Silver Alert: Missing 92-Year-Old Man

April 17, 2018

A 92-year-old Florida man has gone missing, police say. Authorities have issued a Silver Alert for Paul Lancaster.

Lancaster and his wife were traveling from Florida to Maine to visit family. Lancaster pulled over at Guilford Center and dropped his wife off at about 4 p.m. When he didn't return by 4:30 p.m. his wife grew suspicious and called the police.


Police believe that the 92-year-old man thought they had arrived at their families in Maine and dropped off his wife so he could meet a friend, according to local news channel “NBC.”


Lancaster is described as 6 foot 3 inches, 185 pounds, with blue eyes and grey hair. He was last seen wearing a blue polo shirt, grey shorts, and he also wears a hearing aid. He also has glasses but he doesn't normally wear them.

He was driving a white 2017 Ford Escape with either Florida or Maine license plates. Police say he also may be towing a rented trailer.


Anyone with information or know of Lancaster's whereabouts, they are urged to call Guilford Police at 203-453-8061.


We are asking everyone to keep Lancaster in your prayers! And his family.


In other news, an Amber Alert has been updated on the missing 10-month-old baby.

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