Skeleton Dog Abused — The Power of Kind Humans Gave Her a Whole New Life (Video)

November 30, 2017

Some people are just so cruel to animals. It breaks my heart when hearing about dogs or other animals getting abused. Thankfully, there are humans like these people below.

"Rescue from the Hart" was notified about a severely abused pup. The dog's owner at the time refused to feed her and they purposely starved her.

The veterinarians quickly took her to a pet hospital where they immediately administered life-saving procedures. The pup's organs began to fail and soon started shutting down. She needed a miracle!

Many volunteers including young children spent time with the dog in hopes she receives that miracle. Day by day, the dog was getting better, her spirit was coming alive. The team decided to name her Angel. Watch Angel's recovery video below!

If it weren't for "Rescue from the Hart," Angel probably wouldn't be here today. We are beyond grateful for people like them and other kind-hearted individuals. We thank you and appreciate all you do!

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