Snowmobilers Rescue Moose Trapped in Deep Snow

January 05, 2018

For all the troubles we humans often bring to animals, it’s always great to see instances where we are able to rescue animals that are in need of our help.


Last week, a moose fell through a deep patch of snow in Newfoundland, Canada and was unable to climb out on his own. Luckily for this poor moose, a group of friendly snowmobilers rode past and spotted the helpless animal.



Jonathan Anstey was out riding with seven other snowmobilers, enjoying the fresh new layer of deep powder. After they veered off the main road, they spotted a moose buried neck-deep in the snow.


“We knew the moose was stuck really good,” said Anstey. “He tried several times to get himself out of the hole, but he wasn’t getting anywhere.”


Despite the moose’s best efforts, he was in too deep in the slippery snow.


“When a moose gets distressed, they pin their ears back, their hair stands up on their back, and they lick their lips a lot,” Anstey said. “You could tell he was extremely distressed.”


That’s when some members from the group grabbed some shovels and started to try to dig him out.


“After he realized he wasn’t moving, he just kind of stopped and lay down,” said Anstey.


Once they had dug out a little path behind the moose, one of the snowmobilers drove up in front to try to coax it down the new path.


“The moose actually realized it had footing on solid ground and managed to pull himself out of the hole,” he said.



“I wouldn’t recommend rescuing it even though we did because we’re experienced outdoorsmen,” said Anstey. “You don’t really want to get close to a big animal like that as they can charge or do a lot of damage.”


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