Company Helps Women Who Can't Work in an Outstanding Way

March 28, 2018

It is not often that you meet genuinely good people. I mean the type of people who would give the shirts off their back to help someone in need, or in this case, the leather. Today, I would like to introduce you to two inspiring individuals that live by this example—the owners of Saddleback Leather & Love 41, Dave and Suzette Munson. They’re a husband and wife duo who are changing the leather bag at a time. In an exclusive interview with Inspiring Day, Dave opens up about life, their companies, and their mission to help women in Rwanda.


A Little About the “Power Couple”

Dave and Suzette Munson met in 2006 on Myspace and quickly fell in love. After six months of dating, they were married. Now, 11 years later, they have two beautiful children and live in canvas-laden tents in the country. These are no ordinary tents though. They come complete with hardwood floors and all the modern amenities one could hope for. Only difference—the walls and ceiling are completely made of canvas!


This plays perfectly into the couple’s personality though. They both love adventure and traveling, even with two kids in tow. They’re the perfect reminder that we should always pursue our passions and involve our kids in the process.


What Makes Their Companies Unique

If you’re not familiar with either Saddleback Leather or Love 41, let me give you the 411. Both are leather companies that focus on creating high-quality, timeless bags and leather accessories that can be passed down from generation to generation. Saddleback Leather was originally started by Dave in 2003, followed by the birth of Love 41 shortly after the marriage of Dave and Suzette in 2006. Love 41 was Suzette’s idea and the reason behind the company is amazing.

Love 41 is similar to Saddleback, in that they make high-quality leather products, however they have their differences. Suzette wanted to create a more “fashionable” leather line that would appeal to women. She also wanted to help women in Rwanda by creating jobs for them that included child care. Love 41 speaks to both desires, as women in Rwanda that work for Love 41 make the bags, have child care at the facility, and receive 100% of the proceeds from every sale of the Love 41 line.

Why Rwanda

In our interview, Dave talked about their experience in Rwanda. Many of the women couldn’t work due to lack of child care, or if they did work, they had to leave their children home unattended for hours.

Dave shared, “They would walk 3-4 hours to go to this sewing program and then walk 3-4 hours back home. They would lock their little toddler in a mud hut in a little room with some water and food if they had it and go to the program, but sometimes they would come home and their child would be dead.”

Suzette and Dave knew they needed to do something about this epidemic. Today they’ve helped thousands of women, and aim to help thousands more. And in the end, that’s what really fuels Love 41—helping underprivileged women succeed. I don’t know about you, but I think that is a pretty spectacular company story and one I can stand behind.


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