Video: Soldier Salutes His K-9 Service Dog by Staying by His Side to the Very End

March 08, 2018

Our soldiers aren’t the only ones serving our country, there are thousands of K-9 military dogs that serve bravely at the side of their handlers every day.


In this case, it is USAF explosives expert Kyle Smith and his K-9 comrade, Bodza.


Bodza’s specialty was sniffing out IEDs, explosives, and other bombs in Iraq. Smith and Bodza were able to save countless lives during their time of service together.





Throughout their deployment in Iraq, Smith and Bodza became an inseparable duo, finding time to play and relax during the downtime in between missions.


When Bodza retired from service, Smith made sure that his brother in arms had the cushiest life in retirement he could.



Sadly, Smith got bad news in 2016 about his best buddy. Bodza was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, an incurable disease in the spinal cord.


Smith had to make the tough choice of ending his friend’s suffering and put Bodza to sleep before his condition grew worse and life would become too painful.


As the fateful day approached, Smith made sure they had one last day together, just like old times. As Bodza passed away in Smith’s arms, he was draped in the American flag as a true American hero.



Rest in peace, brave Bodza, your service and sacrifice for our country did not go unnoticed. We thank you for your years of faithful service to your country and your human.



In other news, this USAF airman has defied incredible odds to be where he is today. Read the full story in the next article below!

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