Trump Defies SOTU Tradition With Savage Snub; Leaves Pelosi Sputtering, Dems Triggered

February 07, 2019

Now that a few days have passed since President Donald J. Trump presented his 2019 State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, we've had time to examine not only what he said, but more importantly what was left unsaid.

Even before Mr. Trump spoke the first powerful words of his momentous speech, he managed to not only buck long-held tradition, but also shade the Speaker of the House with a subtle, yet savage snub.

Maybe you noticed.

If you are a follower of the annual event, then you know that the President of the United States is honored with two formal introductions before he starts addressing members of Congress and the citizens of the United States.

On this night, however, Mr. Trump evidently felt that one intro was sufficient - and blew right past the second, leaving a shocked Speaker Pelosi sputtering in his wake.

What am I talking about, you ask? To fully understand, we'll need to review some SOTU history.

“Traditionally The Speaker of the House presents the President to the Congress for the SOTU Address. Did Trump purposely upstage Speaker Pelosi by starting his speech before her introduction?”

Oh, on purpose. DEFINITELY!

Is this why Nancy was particularly testy that night?? For the people who noticed, it was a social media 'heyday.'

“This man literally needs NO introduction. Trump goes against tradition, doesn’t wait for Pelosi to introduce him before SOTU speech."

“Trump deliberately ignored the chairs gavel and introduction at sotu. To me it said , I don't recognize , nor need an impertinent subversive to introduce the #POTUS . TRUMP AS @POTUS was powerful, OWNED the Chair , and The House ...HE COULDNT CARE A WIT ABOUT PELOSI!”

But, clearly, those watching knew they were seeing a man who needs no introduction, even though he WAS introduced by the Sergeant-at-Arms as he entered the chambers.

“So President Trump blew thru House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s customary introduction before his State of the Union speech. Who cares? Not Pelosi, who was the white-clad backdrop to every Trump word uttered at #SOTU 2019.”

Ann Coulter, celebrated Conservative pundit and recent Trump-critic, actually polled her followers to get to the bottom of the snub.

“Trump missed out on a compulsory standing ovation/introduction at the SOTU.

"It would've made him look adored and respected. What happened?”

David Sanderson spells out very clearly what happened, and for anyone who loves our President (and, actually, even those who don't), it should have come as no surprise. Mr. Trump keeps finding new ways to prove that he's his own man.

"The trajectory of history was changed Tuesday night with the #SOTU.

"Trump did NOT wait for the traditional introduction by the Speaker to the Joint Session. He handed Pence and Pelosi their courtesy copies of the speech, turned around and went to work, not waiting for the ceremonial intro.

"The tone was set...Nancy, it might be your House, but they are not here to see you. I will own this night, and we will choose GREATNESS.”

Standing on ceremony is NOT one of his priorities when he has a job to do. And Tuesday night, Mr. Trump left no doubt in anyone's mind just exactly what that job entails.

AMEN, Mr. President!!

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