Spiders Aren’t Just for Halloween—They’re the Perfect Christmas Decoration

December 18, 2017

Spiders aren’t usually something you associate with celebrating Christmas. After Halloween, you typically take down the spiders and pack them up for next October. According to one Christmas tradition, though, you should actually keep those spiders out through Christmas.

According to the tale, a widowed mother wanted to decorate the pine tree in front of their home with the help of her children, but she was too poor to afford decorations. A friendly spider overheard her and her children crying about leaving the tree bare.

One night, the spiders decided to do something to help the widow. They spun a beautiful, silky web across the tree, creating elegant and beautiful patterns.

On Christmas morning when the children woke up, they were overjoyed. The woke up their mother telling her how beautiful it was. When the sun arose, the webs got even more beautiful, turning them into glittery gold and silver strands.

That year, the widow and her children felt blessed. Those blessings continued on into the next year, as they had the luckiest year yet.

According to the folktale, spider webs on a tree can bring good fortune and luck for the next year. Even to this day, many Ukrainian Christmas trees are decorated with spider ornaments.

Not only that, though. Many Ukrainians also decorate their trees with spider webs to hearken back to the original tale. This folktale is also attributed as the reason that we often see trees decorated with glittery strands of garland.

So if you have any friends who need a little extra luck this year, buy them a spider ornament and share the story with them. Even if it doesn’t change anything, it might lift their spirits just enough, like it did for the widowed mother and her children.

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