Spiritual Resources to Keep Your Faith at the Forefront This Year

January 02, 2018

Every year as we set goals, it’s important to forget the most important goal of the year—your faith. However, focusing on your faith can help improve many other aspects of your life.


This year as you set your goals, be sure to keep your faith at the forefront. These resources can help you as you figure out what your goals are going to look like for the coming year.


1.Verses App



If you want to work on memorizing Bible verses, a great option is to download “Verses.” This app helps you set practical goals and keep track of the verses that you’re working on and verses that you’ve already memorized. The app provides games to help you memorize verses. You can also team up with friends to learn verses together. The King James Version is free, but you can buy other versions for a small, one-time fee. Find out more here.


2. Youversion App



The Youversion Bible App is most well-known for being an easy way to carry the Bible with you everyday, but it has many more resources than that. There are different plans that you can start using for daily devotionals. The app can be set up to send you a daily verse, remind you to read the Bible. In the app, there are options for different devotional plans—all for free. Check out the details here.


3. Join a small group



One of the best ways to connect with other Christians is by joining a small group. You can get to know other people who might be experiencing similar spiritual struggles as you while also growing closer to God.


4. Listen to podcasts



If you’re someone who drives 30 minutes to work everyday, a great way of keeping your faith at the forefront is by listening to podcasts. There are faith-centered options available on all sorts of topics—just check out your podcast store.


5. Olive Tree Bible App



Another great Bible app is the Olive Tree Bible. It offers tools for study, memorization, and devotions. According to theologydegrees.org, this app is the best Bible app on the market. It makes it easy to mark different passages and add notes about them. Check out more here.


Do you have any resources that help keep faith at the forefront of your mind? Share with us on Facebook.


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