School Resource Officer Hailed as a Hero After Killing Gunman at High School, Confirmed by Police

March 21, 2018


It's been confirmed by police that the school resource officer at Great Mills High School was the one who shot and killed the gunman. He is identified as 34-year-old Blaine Gaskill. He has been with St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department for six years and is a deputy with the SWAT team.

Gaskill has been with the high school since August. He shot and killed 17-year-old Austin Wyatt Rollins after Rollins shot a 16-year-old female student and injured a 14-year-old male student. Police suspect the female student was in a previous relationship with the gunman.

Tuesday morning, Great Mills High School in Maryland of St. Mary's County Public School was on lockdown due to a gunman on campus.

"There has been a shooting at Great Mills High School," the school district wrote on Twitter. "The school is on lockdown; the event is contained, the Sheriff's office on the scene, additional information to follow."


The school resource officer (SRO) was on the school's property and began firing shots at the shooter. The gunman was killed after he was allegedly shot by the SRO. The shooter was a student of the school and pronounced dead at about 10:41 a.m.

According to the school's staff directory, Deputy Blaine Gaskill is the resource officer listed. However, this has not been confirmed by authorities if he was the one who engaged with the shooter.


"Our school resource officer was alerted to the event. He pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, fired a round at the shooter," St. Mary's County Sheriff Tim Cameron said. "The shooter fired a round as well. In the hours and days to come, we'll be able to determine if our school resource officer's round struck the shooter."


It’s still unclear if the SRO’s bullet was the one that killed the gunman as there were other officers on site. The SRO was not injured during the gunfire.


Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron said that there was “no question” the event would have been a lot worse if the SRO had not engaged with the gunman.

The shooter was the only fatality while two others were injured. One was a male student in stable condition, and the other was a female student is in critical condition.


Please pray for the students involved and for the SRO who saved everyone in the school. In other news, another gunman is at a Panera Restaurant near a popular Ivy League School. Details are here

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