Failed Georgia Governor Candidate Just Can’t Let It Go. Now She’s Blaming THIS For Her Humiliating Loss

February 19, 2019

The woman the Democrat Party chose to give the rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s February 5th State of the Union Address just keeps popping up on the scene. In spite of being a private citizen who holds no political office, Stacey Abrams is being treated as though she were the star of the show.

There's one thing we can always count on when Stacey Abrams shows up: she is going to spend some time whining about the fact that she lost her bid to become the country's first black female governor.

This time she showed up on CNN to give her latest excuse for her humiliating loss in the race for governor of Georgia last November. The fact that the left-leaning media are giving her so much free press isn’t really surprising, but what is remarkable (and she doesn't seem to grasp this) is the fact that every time she shows up and everything she says just reminds Americans that this woman LOST!

If you’ll recall, Georgia was one of the states that had contested outcomes, delaying the certifying of the election by several days. But when it became clear that Ms. Abrams did not have the votes to defeat her Republican rival Brian Kemp, the failed candidate refused to concede.

In Ms. Abrams' "non-concession" speech, she uttered these unbelievable words: “Let’s be clear: This is not a speech of concession because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper,” Ms. Abrams said amid a blistering attack on Mr. Kemp’s record as the state’s chief elections regulator and on the balloting process in Georgia. “As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede that.”

During her appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day,’ Abrams continued to blame everyone but herself for the fact that she is not sitting in the governor’s mansion today. She claimed that her constituents were 'suppressed' from voting and the conspiracy was overshadowed by the, according to her, 'nonexistent' voter fraud narrative.

"Voter fraud is largely a myth. It happens occasionally but not sufficiently to focus on it as much as we do. But voter suppression is real."

Even though Abrams cited no evidence to back up her statement, the CNN interviewer just accepted her ‘facts’ at face value. In spite of the ample research that PROVES that voter fraud is rampant and growing unchecked, Abrams, like so many of her left-leaning counterparts, simply denies it - therefore making it not true - in their minds, anyway.

"Real national emergency" is voter suppression”

If you are a little bit confused about this ‘voter suppression’ narrative, join the club! The term, itself, evokes disturbing images of billy-club toting KKK members beating potential voters moments before they cast their votes. In actuality, the ‘Voter Suppression’ Stacey Abrams and her ilk are whining about is what you and I call, ‘Assuring a strict, safe, and secure election process.’

“In GA the Dem held counties handed prefilled ballots to those coming to vote. A bit unfortunate when Alveda King was handed prefilled ballot! Had to raise hell to get blank ballot. So Kamala=Abrams! Corrupt! “

Patriot-News Daily lays it out perfectly. “Voter suppression, to these people, includes voter ID laws which simply ensure that the individual casting a vote is actually who they are claiming to be.

“It includes clearing the rolls of people who haven’t voted in years and years (with nothing at all preventing them from re-registering before the election).

“It includes closing down voting centers that see little to no election day traffic.

“It includes not having early voting open for months prior to the election.

“It includes anything and everything that assures us a strict, safe, and secure election platform.”

Oh, I get it now. To them, it’s voter suppression if America no longer allows these rampant abuses of the voting privilege. Cleaning up the process equals voter suppression.

In other words, “If you put even the slightest barrier in front of a Democrat, we are to understand, they simply cannot vote.”

Ludicrous, right?! But the media and the ultra-liberal Democrats don’t even make a show any more of addressing the truth of the matter. They just promote the false narrative and continue spreading fear among their constituents in the hopes of garnering more votes.

What makes matters worse, Ms. Abrams (who by no means is alone in this) is calling out Mr. Trump's declaration of a National Emergency at our southern border, calling her agenda the ‘real national emergency.’

She calls the President’s concern over the crisis at the border ‘fake news’ while at the same time insisting that her own slanted, unsubstantiated, and downright false assertions should be accepted at face value.

“There is no emergency. It is a falsehood and it is entirely a political stunt."

But intelligent Americans are having NONE of it:

"Let’s be clear voter fraud is real. You’re ok with illegals do you can control their vote and your ok with dead people voting? Why is that?? Nothing is wrong with showing ID. It’s the grown up thing to do"

“Stacy you are on crack. Don't try to clown us. We all know #VoterFraud is out of control.”

Here’s a suggestion.

Maybe Ms. Abrams' advisors ought to be recommending that she lie low for a while, at least long enough for voters to forget that not only is she NOT governor of the state of Georgia, but she is also a very sore loser!

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