State Laws so Weird and Bizarre They’ll Make Your Jaw Drop. Volume 10

October 26, 2017

It is with much sadness that we come to the final article in this series of dumb state laws. After ten weeks of head scratching laws, it is time for it to come to an end. Unless, of course, some state adds a new strange law.

In this series of articles, we will take a look at the strangest laws in all 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming. Check out last week’s article here. This week we will take a look at Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Do you or anyone you know live in one of these states? Share this with your friends and see if they have broken the law without even knowing it!


In Virginia, it is illegal to: tickle women, go trick-or-treating, hunt animals on Sunday (except raccoons), wash your mule on the sidewalk, spit on seagulls, keep a skunk as a pet, park your car on railroad tracks, or flip a coin at a restaurant to see who pays the bill.


In Washington, it is illegal to: harass Bigfoot or Sasquatch, walk around in public if you have a cold, put polka dots on the American flag, pretend that your parents are rich, buy meat on Sunday, spit on a bus, display a hypnotized person in a store window, carry a concealed weapon that is over six feet long, or ride an ugly horse.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, it is illegal to: whistle underwater, take roadkill home for supper, sleep on a train, take your lion (or tiger or leopard) out on a walk, tell jokes from the pulpit during a church service, or run for public office after participating in a duel.


In Wisconsin, it is illegal to: shoot missiles at parade participants, manufacture nuclear weapons within city limits, serve apple pie without cheese, kiss on a train, cut a woman’s hair, camp in a wagon on the highway, wave a burning torch in the air, throw rocks at trains, use your friend’s phone to make a prank call, display a naked mannequin in a store window, worry a squirrel, or wake a sleeping fireman.


In Wyoming, it is illegal to: get drunk in a mine, make business transactions with a drunk person, ski while drunk, use a gun to fish, or wear a hat to a public theater.

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New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio

Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina

South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont

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