Student Tries to Detonate Homemade Bomb in High School

March 07, 2018

In St. George, Utah at Pine View High School a student stuffs a homemade bomb in his backpack and brings it to school.

"It doesn't happen and I think it's a shock to all of us that something like this has taken place in one of our schools," Steven Dunham, WCSD Communications Director, said.


According to KUTV, over 1,100 students were evacuated to the football field due to the bomb threat. A K-9 team and a bomb squad searched the school and found a backpack that was "smoking."

"I can confirm that there was an object in the backpack that had the potential to injure persons or damage property," said Captain Mike Giles of the St. George Police Department.


Emails were sent to the student's parents about the incident and strongly suggested that no parent steps on the school's campus. The students were ushered to a safe zone per the school's emergency protocol.

“Its intent was to cause severe to deadly injury or damaged property,” said Lona Trombley, who’s with the St. George Police Department.


As more details surfaced, officials discovered that this suspect was the same teenager who allegedly spray-painted "ISIS is comi" on the side of a different high school, Hurricane High School (HHS). It’s lead to believe that the suspect ran away before he could finish writing on the school’s wall. The suspect also took down the American Flag at HHS and put up an ISIS flag.

The teenager was allowed at Pine View for coursework through the Jr. ROTC program. According to KUTV, the Washington County School District said that the suspect has been in the program for over a year and a half.


"At this point, the St. George Police Department is the lead unit and is investigating this incident. And will take steps moving forward for any charges or any arrests should that be appropriate as this develops," Captain Giles said.

Thankfully, the object was safely removed by the bomb squad and that there were no deaths or injuries or even damage to the school's property.


Law enforcement did not disclose the identity of the suspect, but he was taken into custody. The teenager was initially charged with manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.


In other news, shots were fired leading to one officer dead and two wounded. For details, click here.

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