The Super Bowl Halftime Show Band Revealed And Fans Are Very Upset About It

September 20, 2018

Even though the NFL has been under fire in the past two football seasons, it won't stop millions from watching the Super Bowl or even the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February.

Even if viewers are not football fans, millions will tune in to just watch the commercials, because who doesn't want to join in on the debate with their co-workers the next day about their favorite commercial?

Well, it appears the time has come to reveal the upcoming band who will be performing during the halftime show that is leaving people furious. Many people have posted to Twitter their distaste of the idea that this band will take center stage in February.

"It's a Super Bowl tradition to speculate about the performers for the Pepsi Halftime Show," a league rep said, according to "CNN." "We are continuing to work with (longtime sponsor) Pepsi on our plans but do not have any announcements to make on what will be another epic show."

However, according to "Variety," Maroon 5 will be the big act for the upcoming 2019 Super Bowl. Once people found out, even though it hasn't been confirmed yet, it hasn't stopped them from exploding on Twitter.

Here's what Twitter users have to say:

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