Shots Fired: Suspect Shoots 2 Workers At Kansas Elementary School

July 03, 2018

Shots have been fired just outside a suburban Kansas City elementary school this morning.

The altercation happened after three men, who are not employees at the school, got into an argument while working on a construction project together. Just moments later, two men were shot and left in critical condition. The suspect took off in a car and fled the scene, police say.

After the shooting, the suspect attempted to carjack a vehicle but was unsuccessful. Then he found another car with a driver inside. He held the gun to the driver's face and carjacked their vehicle.

Police later found the suspect, and he was taken into custody. The suspect was located at a home where they found the stolen sports utility vehicle outside, according to Overland Park, Kansas, Fire Department spokesman Jason Rhodes.

The police arrived at the house with armored vehicles, but the suspected took off through the back door but was quickly taken down.

The home the suspected was in belonged to the owner of the vehicle he carjacked. Police Chief Frank Donchez doesn't know what led the suspect to that home but described it as "bizarre to say the least."

There were no students present at the time of the shooting. His name has yet to be released. In other news, a famous pro athlete was involved in a fatal car crash leaving the family heartbroken. Please pray.

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