'Suspicious' Backpacks Hang From Bridge Detonated by Bomb Squad

March 19, 2018

Police are investigating a report of several backpacks strung from Lewis and Clark Bridge in Rainier, Oregon, Monday morning. The bridge connects from Rainier, Oregon to Longview, Washington.


Witnesses called to report a disturbing incident when they saw a man tie backpacks underneath the bridge; they were hanging about 15 feet below the deck of the bridge.

At this time, officials have not confirmed with the public as to what was in the backpacks, but they did have the Oregon State Bomb Technicians on scene performing x-rays of the bags.




The incident started around 9:30 a.m., but the bomb squad robot didn't reach the bags until about 1 p.m. At that time, the U.S. Coast Guard closed the Columbia River within 500 yards of the bridge.


According to KOMO, the bomb technicians were able to detonate one of the backpacks with the robot. They are working on the second one.




The man is described to be an older man driving a gray, 1970's Chevrolet pickup. There have been no statements as to when the bridge will be reopened.


Drivers can take an alternative route by traveling on Astoria-Megler Bridge or take the Interstate 5 bridge.


Please keep everyone in your prayers during this stressful time.

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