Teacher Swallows Bag Of Cocaine In Airport Lounge; Dies Horrifically In Front Of Shocked Onlookers

June 05, 2019

An inquest into the death of 42-year-old Scottish teacher has determined that the bag of cocaine she ingested ruptured, causing a toxic level of the drug to enter her system.

While waiting in a first class lounge at the Manchester airport, the mother-of-three reportedly swallowed the small bag of drugs, thinking she could retrieve it later at home.

She didn’t plan on the resealable bag opening and leaking the lethal dose of the potent stimulant into her body.

Buchanan had reportedly “bought £200 worth of the Class A drug during a family visit to the UK with her husband Mark.

While in the airport lounge, “she swallowed about £60 worth of cocaine while drinking a glass of champagne.”

Moments later, the bag burst in her stomach causing her to collapse in front of stunned bystanders.

Onlookers at Manchester Airport initially believed Victoria was having an anaphylactic shock and administered an EpiPen she had in her handbag for a palm oil allergy.”

Buchanan’s husband, Mark admitted that the couple were recreational users of cocaine and the two had purchased a small amount for personal use while on vacation in the UK. He adamantly denies, however, suggestions that she was part of a smuggling operation.

“If somebody had asked her to smuggle the cocaine she would have refused she wasn’t in a position to be blackmailed I can say that 100 percent, it wasn’t the intention. I definitely didn’t ask her to bring it back.”

An inquest convened to investigate the March 29, 2018 tragedy; the panel issued its conclusions this week.

“A death by misadventure verdict has been returned on British teacher Victoria Buchanan, 42, mother of 3, who accidentally killed herself with a lethal overdose after swallowing a bag of cocaine in a first class airport lounge while waiting to fly home to Dubai.”

"A toxicology report read to the inquest showed amounts of cocaine at less than 0.4 milligram per litre of blood which is ‘consistent with recreational use.’ But the levels of cocaine metabolic benzoylecgonine at much higher which is consistent with ‘excessive’ use."

According to Detective Sergeant Alex Wild of Greater Manchester Police, “The obvious conclusion is that she ingested the bag and then collapsed from the level of cocaine which leaked into the stomach. The bag was large, 10x6cm.

“There is no other explanation as to how it got into the stomach, there is no evidence that she suffered from an allergic reaction."

He quickly added, “There was no third party involvement that was the conclusion there were no charges brought or further actions taken.”

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