Amazing Teacher Gives All 500 of Her Students a Christmas Present

December 20, 2017

Christmas is the season of giving, and this fourth-grade teacher went the extra mile with her Christmas presents. Any more gifts and she would be a direct rival to Santa Claus.

It all started with a simple conversation. Jennifer Olawski, a fourth-grade teacher at Community Charter School of Paterson in Paterson, New Jersey, was talking with a student about Christmas and asked the girl if she was excited for the holidays.

The girl reacted indifferently and replied, “I don’t get presents for Christmas.”

Her words shocked Olawski so much that she decided to get the student a present. That’s when she found out that nearly 90% of the children at her school lived below poverty level.

For Christmas this year, Olawski was determined to make sure that none of the students at her school missed out on getting a present this Christmas. She started a GoFundMe fundraiser in the hopes of raising enough money to give everyone a gift.

When it was all said and done, the fundraiser raised more than $4,500. “I was surprised we got so much money,” said Olawski.

Once the money was raised, it was now time to go shopping and wrap all 500 presents. It took Olawski and two other employees three hours to haul all the gifts to the school.

“When I’m carrying the boxes up the stairs, I say, ‘This is it, I’m not going to do this again.’ But when you see their faces, you know it’s all worthwhile,” she said. “Even the toughest kids, they show emotion.”

Olawski says that this is bigger than just the giving of gifts to children. “It teaches them to give to others. It teaches them about kindness.”

What a wonderful story of generosity! In other news, this boy was convinced the Grinch was going to steal Christmas, so he took matters into his own hands. Read the full story in the next article below!

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