14-Year-Old Boy Silently Stabbed Girl Repeatedly During Back-To-School Event In School Auditorium

August 17, 2018

On the first day back to school, the day ended with a violent, bloody event. Thursday, August 17 was the first day back to school for one school, and, sadly, it turned for the worst.

We are asking our readers to pray for this situation, and for the young girl who has already undergone surgery. Please keep the families in your prayers, too.

What Happened

On Thursday at approximately 8 a.m. (CT), during a back-to-school welcome event at the school's auditorium, a 14-year-old boy repeatedly stabbed a girl, who is said to be of the same age, leaving schoolmates in shock and horror.


Police believe that the two students did not know each other, though they both attended the small Luther public school system last year near Oklahoma City, according to MSN.

"They were having an all-school assembly inside the performing arts center when, for some reason, the male student allegedly stood up and started stabbing the female student," Mark Opgrande, spokesman for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, said in a statement.


After the tragic incident, students and facility staff members were able to pin the suspect to the wall. When the boy tried to move, students and staff held the suspect until other employees could respond, according to Luther Police Chief David Randall.

"Lawyered Up"

According to the Luther police, the 14-year-old suspect will not talk. Investigators are trying to figure out the boy's motive, but are being stopped by the suspect who "lawyered up" and refuses to speak to authorities, according to Randall.


"The thing that concerned me most was his nonchalant attitude about what transpired," Randall said. "No remorse whatsoever."


The unidentified suspect was booked into the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center, according to police. Police also have the weapon in evidence.

Girl's Condition

The young girl, who was not identified, was rushed to the hospital by helicopter. She reportedly lost consciousness after the stabbing, but she is recovering at the hospital, according to Randall.


Luther is a town with about 1600 people and is about 27 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. According to Randall, the school does not have metal detectors nor a resource officer on the campus.

Will you keep this young girl in your prayers as she continues to recover?