Terminally Ill Army Veteran has One Last Wish

July 14, 2017

Army Veteran Lee Hernandez has one final wish, to hear from you.  Hernandez is battling a terminal illness that has required three brain surgeries and has continuous strokes that affect his vision and cognitive functions.  Hernandez served for over 18 years in the Army including a tour in Iraq.

To brighten his often difficult and painful days, Hernandez’s wife says simple calls and texts make a world of difference.  It does not take much effort from us to thank a veteran for his service to our country.  

Doctors are unsure as to what exactly is causing Hernandez’s condition but are doing all they can to ease his pain.

After one difficult day, Hernandez asked his wife to hold his phone for him in case anyone called him.  Nobody called.  “I guess no one wants to talk to me,” Hernandez said.

The phone number to reach Lee Hernandez is 210-632-6778.  The best time to reach him is in the late afternoon and evening.  

Since sharing his phone number with the nation, Hernandez has received a flood of calls and messages from across the nation, from veterans and civilians alike, to thank and pray with him as he continues to fight his last battle.  

Consider sending Lee Hernandez a message via call or text to let him know he is not forgotten and that your prayers are with him.  It is the very least we can do for someone who has served our country for so long.  Again his number is: 210-632-6778