Terrifying Moment When Plane Carrying Harry And Meghan Had Near-Miss With Another Aircraft; Pilot Forced To Abort Landing

October 29, 2018


A typical flight turned into quite the mid-air scare for the royal monarchy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a terrifying moment that could have turned into a huge disaster.


Prince Harry and Meghan recently revealed they are expecting their first child together. In a matter of seconds, the news quickly went viral, but after learning the most recent mid-air drama, many fans were left in shock and worry.


As part of their 16-day royal tour, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were returning to Australia from Tongo when the incident occurred.

Harry and Meghan were flying in the Qantas charter flight, a Boeing 737, when the pilot, Nigel Rosser, had to make a split second decision. Just seconds from touchdown, the pilot pulled up from the runway after seeing another plane nearby.


Rosser explained over the tannoy system that another plane was on the runway and that it had been "slow to roll" and that the two aircrafts were too close together. He was forced to abort landing and circle back to give it another go, which was a successful landing.


"There was an aircraft on the runway that was a little bit slow to roll, unfortunately, hadn't cleared the runway. We were too close, so the decision was made to abort the landing. It was what we call a missed approach," Rosser said.




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