Watch: Terrifying Moment When Woman Treks Frozen Pond to Save Dog

March 06, 2018

Most dog lovers would do whatever they can to keep their furry family member safe. As for this woman, this wasn't even her dog. It was a complete stranger's dog.


Ben West was outside enjoying the snow with his dog one afternoon when he witnessed a frightening event. West had his camera phone out and was able to catch everything on camera.

"It was definitely not what we were expecting when we went out for a walk this morning," said West.


West and his dog, and some other fellow dog parents were at Trout Lake in East Vancouver, Canada. In the clip below, you will see a dog that had ventured out onto the frozen, snow-covered lake. Suddenly, the dog fell through.

Everyone panicked, except for one woman. While everyone else called for the dog, this woman knew the dog was too far out to make it back alive.

"This woman, it wasn't even her own dog, she just started trotting out onto the ice and kind of falling through onto the water," West said.


Everyone began to caution her saying, "Don't do it". West reported her replying back, "It's a dog, I have to."

The woman began breaking through the ice with just her hands. The water rose up past her waist, but she knew she had to do whatever it took to save the dog's life.


By the time she reached the dog, the dog was having difficulty staying afloat. Finally, she was on her way back to land when paramedics arrived and covered her and the dog in warm blankets.


Check out the video below:



"I think she was just in shock. She seemed pretty calm given the circumstances," said West. "I was just in shock and really just amazed at this woman's kind of heroic instinct to go do this thing."


West said that he was able to chat momentarily with the hero but did not get her name. Thankfully, the woman was uninjured and taken to a house to warm up and dry off.

The dog seemed to jump back quicker. Tess, the dog, was toweled off and soon began to play with her dog friends.

We are so thankful for this woman's heroic actions and that both are safe. In other news, Garth Brooks stops his concert when a woman with cancer approaches the stage. Watch what happens next here.

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