15 Hilarious Text Messages From Grandparents That Will Have You Rolling

March 27, 2018

Combine grandparents with new technology and the results can leave you crying with laughter. Those newfangled touchscreens and tiny buttons can be tricky to learn how to use! Here are 15 examples of grandparents and their hysterical struggles with this new form of communication.

Hopefully the lasagna got set out

Oklahoma indeed


There's talking to yourself, and then there's texting yourself

If anyone asks where Hansel and Gretel are, I think I know the answer

It's anyone's guess, really

No I do not, but thanks for asking

I. Think. Grandma. Found. The. Period. Button

Um, thanks?

I guess that's one way to do it

So close

I guess we'll never know


Sederrrdddggff to you too, Grandma

Yes you do, Grandma. Try looking in your hand

Time to ask Grandma if she knows where Grandpa is

I know it's your new grandchild, but settle down, Grandpa

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