First Grader Discovers Her School Textbook Used to Be Owned by Country Music Star

April 11, 2018

7-year-old Marley couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the name printed in her “new” textbook.


The name “Blake Shelton” was written inside the cover of her textbook and was dated 1982, when the country music star was 6 years old.


Marley is an Oklahoma native and her mother, Shelly Bryan Parker isn’t as thrilled as her daughter is at the name in her textbook. She isn’t upset at Blake Shelton, but at the school for using a textbook that is nearly 40 years old.



This news comes out coincidentally at the same time that teachers are protesting for more education funding in the state of Oklahoma. A 40-year-old textbook just highlights some of the issues educators are facing.


Parker is a former high school math teacher and this hits close to home for her and her family.


“So many educators in my family,” Parker said. “They don’t get paid enough. People don’t want their taxes raised, but we’re dumbing down our education.”


Parker’s Facebook post of her smiling daughter with the textbook went viral on Facebook.



Parker admits that she has lost friends over the issue, but she just wants a better future for her daughter.


“She has 11 more years in the school system and I don’t want it the way it is now,” she said.


Opponents to her stance on the subject say that there is nothing wrong with using an old textbook for reading purposes, which is what this textbook is used for.


The school’s superintendent confirmed that Blake Shelton did attend Marley’s school in his younger years, meaning that it is highly likely the name in the book is authentic.



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