The #1 Killer for Americans Has a Solution—And It’s Furrier Than you May Have Expected

December 05, 2017

Everyone loves their dogs. Previous studies have shown some incredible benefits of growing up in a house with a dog. The latest study, though, is showing even more health benefits of owning dogs.

This study, which was published in “Scientific Reports” in early November, shows that owning a dog might actually lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

This study examined 3.4 million adults. These adults did not have a history of heart disease. At the end, the study concluded that there was a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and “all-cause mortality” for those who owned dogs.

Cardiovascular disease is a heart condition that presents itself as diseased blood vessels and blood clots. 25% of all deaths in the United States are due to this disease.

There are some ways that you can avoid cardiovascular disease, according to the Joslin Diabetes Center. You should keep your A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check. You should also be physically active and maintain a healthy body weight.

Considering these tips for avoiding cardiovascular disease, it makes sense that dog owners have a lower risk. Dog owners have previously been found to lead healthier lives than those who don’t own dogs.

In fact, dog owners have been found to increase leisure-time physical activity by 69%. Walking with a puppy also leads to a 28% increase in speed, which can raise your heart rate higher and contribute to overall health.

Regardless of the health benefits of owning a dog, there’s no doubt that they can be great companions. Check out these benefits of owning a family dog.

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