The Beloved Three-Legged Therapy Dog Kayla

August 14, 2017

For many, it is difficult to stay in retirement homes because it can get lonely. When you’re accustomed to having pets and a family to take care of, it can be difficult to suddenly transition into being the one who gets taken care of.

Because of this, therapy dogs often visit elderly residents at retirement homes to keep them company and bring them a smile. One of these therapy dogs is named Kayla. She came from a really difficult background but loves what she does.

Kayla is a sweet boxer who only has three legs. She had a severely broken leg when she was rescued by a boxer rescue group. They attempted to repair the broken leg, but it was too damaged and they had to amputate it.

For her recovery, Kayla lived with a foster mom, Dianne DaLee. But through the recovery, DaLee fell in love with Kayla’s sweet demeanor.

Instead of trying to find a new home for Kayla, DaLee decided to adopt Kayla. The pair went through training so that Kayla could be a therapy dog local nursing homes.

Now, Kayla is happy in her new life as the sweet three-legged therapy dog. Kayla helps comfort the residents. They often enjoy sharing stories about their own dogs from the past.

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