The Best Advent Books to Enjoy With Your Family

December 11, 2017

During the Christmas season, it can be easy to forget about the real meaning behind the holiday. One way that your family can focus on Jesus through the season is by reading Advent books. Just reading a few pages each night in preparation for Christmas can help your family grow closer together, while also celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.

Check out some of the best Advent books that you can enjoy with your family this season. Some of them are better for adult families, however, some are great for kids, too!

1. “Come, Let Us Adore Him” by Paul David Tripp

“Come, Let Us Adore Him” is a daily advent devotional that gives readers of all ages short readings on the real meaning of the season. This book encourages readers to slow down and prepare for the most important part of the season: adoring our Savior, Jesus. Check it out here. 

2. “The Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp

The Greatest Gift” explores some of the lineage of Jesus. It focuses on the Old Testament and Jesus’ history and the promises that were fulfilled in His birth. These readings give you a moment to pause during the hectic days of the holiday season. Check it out here. 

3. “The Dawning of Indestructible Joy” by John Piper

This Advent book encourages readers to reflect and prepare for the coming of Jesus. The joy that you feel on Christmas day should be extended across the entire season of Christmas. This book uses daily meditations on scripture to bring more joy to your season. See more here. 

4. “Waiting Here for You” by Louie Giglio

“Waiting Here for You” focuses on the period of waiting that Advent is. So often, waiting involves anxiety and hopelessness. This daily devotional encourages people to appreciate the time of waiting. It can be a time of peace, not a time of chaos and anxiety. Buy it here. 

5. “Jotham’s Journey” by Arnold Ytreeide

“Jotham’s Journey” is a story of a young boy who was present when Jesus was born. This is a great option for families because it can help children understand what it was like to live in Bethlehem. Jotham faces thieves, robbers, and kidnappers, but eventually finds his way to the stable where Jesus was born. There are some moments in the book that are more descriptive of violence, so be careful with children too young. Check it out here. 

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